Our entire house was a complete remodel. CC Furniture and Cabinetry provided all of our custom cabinets throughout the house along with a few furniture pieces. Our kitchen, bathrooms, bar area and laundry room are just stunning. We were overjoyed with the end result and the high quality of the cabinetry and custom finishes.

Susan Wagoner, Residential Client

I am so thrilled to have a trusted company offering handcrafted, made in the USA custom furniture to sell in our store. Finding top-notch quality with attention to every detail and having the full ability to customize any piece is a rare opportunity that means so much to myself as a store owner and my valued clientele.

Cindy Goldman, Spoiled Rotten, NY

I am absolutely in love with my new kitchen and especially the custom cabinetry. The fit and finish is superb. All the drawers can be opened without interfering with any of the cabinets or appliances. The layout is extremely functional with a very efficient work triangle. The cabinets and storage places are very well designed for maximum space and organization. I still stand back and admire how beautiful my new kitchen is!

Linda Studley, Residential Client